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Sonic and Tails needed (Voice actors that is ;D)

2010-07-06 17:58:44 by Cuddlesnowy

To anybody that reads this (Ie. no-one), I am working on a short flash project for someone, and if possible I may upload it here afterwards. However, I need VAs for Sonic and Tails to do this. If you are able to, leave a comment and PM me/give a link to show me your voice. The final animation has only one line each for Sonic and Tails.

Preferable qualities:


A child voice actor would be great, but I highly see that happening, so anyone that can do small kid voices will do. Preferably a Christiphor Welch/Bradley Pearce/William Corkery voice over an Amy Palent sounding one, but I'm not really that fussed as long as it sounds like Tails (and not Lainie Fraiser o_o)


Really not fussed on this, as long as it sounds like Sonic. My ideal would be a kind of Ryan Drummond voice (but with less horribly wooden delivery), but do whatever you want.

Remember, if you think your up to it, please give me a voice sample rather then posting "Hai I can haz do teh good S0niC voice but I broke my mic last monday lulz but I'm really good sory that didn't hlp lulz :D!!!!!11111" because comments like that really don't help me ;)

Due date is early to middle August.


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